Why is it important to pick a podcast format?

The number one reason is consistency – because you want to grow your audience you need to make sure your audience knows what to expect, or they will not come back and listen to your new episodes. Just like a TV show, people get hooked on a format and if yours changes all the time, well… I think you know what will happen.

Here are the top 6 podcast formats (in no particular order):

  1. Monologue

If you’re an expert and want to share that expertise on your subject, a monologue format might be right for you. They can be entertaining, and it is the format used by comedians. FYI… comedy podcasts are one of the biggest categories of podcasts.

  1. Multi-Host

Multi-host podcasts are great if you want to express different opinions on the same show. The key to success here is the ability of the hosts to work well together and easily bounce back and forth without awkward delays, etc.

  1. Interview

This format typically consists of one person asking questions to an expert in their field. This is the format I use for my podcast – The Leaders In Payments Podcast. I interview C-level executives at payments companies. It has proved to be a successful format for me.

  1. Solo Narrative

This is typically a format that runs across episodes where either one or two people tell a story and it is ongoing show after show. This format is becoming more and more popular.

  1. Panel or Group Discussion

This is very similar to the interview format but there is a panel or group of experts instead of just one. These can be tricky to pull off. Without careful planning you can have one or two guests that monopolize all the time leaving others feeling like they’ve wasted their own time.

  1. Documentary

This is similar in a lot of ways to a narrative but often goes into more elaborate details about a subject. They usually require several episodes in order to go deep on a subject.

Choosing the right podcast format will allow you to provide the most value to your audience and is critical to creating an interesting, entertaining and successful show. Good luck!