Podcast Set-up. Ready to Launch.

With our three-phased approach to getting started, you’ll be up and running effortlessly.

During our strategy phase, we lay the foundation to ensure a successful podcast initiative by defining the show format, audience, guests, hosts, frequency, etc. Then we’ll get your podcast set up and ready to launch including naming it, designing cover art, writing and recording intro and outros, and getting it ready for distribution. During the final phase, we’ll launch your first podcast and start recording new episodes. We’ll handle the hard stuff and let you have all the fun of interviewing, building relationships, and increasing revenue.

Strategy. Podcast set up.
Content and Marketing Assets

Content and Marketing Assets

Once you have your branded podcast, you HAVE to market it. We’re here to help with that too.

Podcast609 will create content and marketing assets for each episode. Our writers are adept at selecting the most poignant parts of the recording and building content around them. We will provide audiograms, blogs, social posts, YouTube videos, and more.

Monthly Podcast Reporting

Your podcast is up and running but how’s it performing? We’ll provide the answer.

Understanding podcast metrics isn’t hard – just different. We provide metrics that encapsulate how many downloads you’re getting per episode, where people are listening from, and what apps they are using. And finally, we will assist you with strategies to improve these metrics. We utilize the tips and tricks that work.

Monthly Podcast Reporting

Podcast Production Not in Your Wheelhouse?

We’ve got your covered. Let the podcast experts do the heavy lifting.