There are so many different ways you can leverage a podcast, but I wanted to provide a list of at least ten. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company or just trying to grow your own brand, podcasts can help create a tremendous amount of content – I’d argue more than anything else you can do.

  1. Social Media – no matter what social media channels you use, podcast content can be leveraged. You can promote each episode and notify your audience when a new episode is launching. Once live, you can promote it by pulling quotes or highlights out of the audio recording and using them on social media.
  2. Blog Posts – for every episode you record should have a complementary blog post. It can be a shorter version of your transcript that just summarizes the show. You can leverage it on social media, your own website or in a newsletter.
  3. Audiograms – your audio file is turned into a video. There are several companies out there that can help you do this. I know you’ve seen them – they have the waveform displayed on the graphic and the words are scrolling across the graphic as well.
  4. Newsletter content – marketers are always looking for content to add to their weekly, monthly or bi-monthly newsletters and why not leverage information from your podcast.
  5. Quotes – pulling small snippets of information or quotes from a podcast can provide great content for social media or to use in prospect presentations.
  6. Customer Testimonials – I suggest that you interview your customers and/or prospects especially if you’re doing a B2B podcast. Having your customers tell your story for you can be incredibly powerful.
  7. Articles – listen to a few episodes and find the trends and write an article about what your interviewees are all talking about – it is probably exactly what your target audience is interested in reading about too.
  8. Sales tool – I firmly believe that your sales team can leverage your podcast content with their prospects. Whether you’re interviewing prospects, customers, thought leaders or industry influencers. there’s information your sales team can leverage.
  9. Training tool – typically your show will be about your industry. What better way for someone just hired to learn about your industry than listening to your podcast. Get HR involved.
  10. E-books – let’s say you have 10 episodes in the books so to speak. Why not put them in a book? Make it a digital book that is indexed and searchable – creating yet another piece of content you can use.

I am sure there are 10 more ideas, if not 20 or 30 more ideas on how to leverage a podcast for content. Don’t waste your time and effort by not leveraging this incredible asset.