Drum Roll Please…

Introducing Podcast Pointers

Behind every great podcast, there’s a great strategy. You can’t be successful without one. And this strategy includes a checklist of dos and don’ts relative to both your podcast and your audience. After being in the podcast space for several years and in the payments industry my entire career, I feel I can safely say I’ve cracked the code on a playbook for success when it comes to podcasting in payments.

Podcast pointers is a manifestation of what I’ve learned through my own experiential knowledge – in the true and tired trial and error style – brought exclusively to you through the most obvious medium one would expect from a podcast host.

Each podcast represents a plethora of curated recommendations, warnings and persuasions destined to make your podcast a success in your space. B2B podcasting in the payments space isn’t a plug-in-play scenario. And it’s not supposed to be. Due to the intricacies of the ecosystem, it’s makes it equal parts challenging and rewarding to command an audience in our dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

And all of these podcast pointers are brought to you exclusively by Podcast609 – my passion project in payments that represents not only my love for the industry but my gravitational pull towards podcasting as the medium I choose to engage my audience through. Podcast609 is a full-service podcast company that strives to do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to launching your own podcast.

So, I invite you to listen, learn and leverage all that you can from the episodes to come. And, as always, for those of you interested in taking your podcast for the next level, feel free to check us out at www.podcast6089.com!