Authentically Yours

Podcast Pointer #1

For those of you out there looking to launch your own podcast, this blog series was designed with you in mind! Each individual blog features a deep dive into the subject matter at hand, as well as an audio version for those of you who don’t have the time for a more in-depth exploration. Today, we’re talking about the importance of authenticity when it comes to the success of your podcast.

Keep It Real

Rule number one when it comes to successful podcasting: Always stick to content that’s true to your voice and your message. Keep it authentic to you. If it’s not something you would say off the record, don’t say it on the record. Nothing provides more of a clunky user experience that hearing someone trying to pull off a tone, cadence or (even worse) opinion that doesn’t seem genuine. And before you ask, yes you can tell. Your voice is your signature and it has a resonance that projects unfailingly. It will always give you away. If it’s not true or you don’t feel confident, the delivery will relay that message to your audience. So, if you’re interviewing a guest and you don’t agree with their opinion (for example), pretending that you do will only serve to diminish your credibility.

Promote Your Passion

Engagement will always be more effortless when you pick topics that you genuinely find engaging. So, if your passion is payments (for example), don’t set out to launch a podcast about fashion. It sounds like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at how many fall into the trap of “what I should do” versus “what I want to do.” If there’s genuine passion coming from your side because you genuinely love payments and find the ecosystem fascinating, that effortless enthusiasm will be contagious and you’ll wind up attracting an audience that shares your same passion because they can relate to the resonance in your voice and the authenticity in your delivery.

Keep the Content Meaningful

Another good rule of thumb is always engage your audience with content that’s meaningful to them. Again, if it’s a podcast about payments, don’t get off the rails talking about the stock market. Even if the two seem interrelated as they both revolve around money movement, they are still completely different niches and you’ll lose your audience if you get too off track too often. Also in this same vein is the necessity to pick strategic guests that align with your message.

Staying authentic to your audience with content they come to hear and experts that share their passion will also help you position yourself as an authority figure in your space, while thoroughly researching your topics, backing them with sound data and providing relevant information that highlights your personal expertise will only serve to enhance your credibility and (consequently) your engagement.

Personalize Your Platform

As a tribal species, humans are naturally drawn to podcasts that make them feel seen, heard, and validated. Incorporating your own personal stories, challenges, lessons, victories and anticipations will only serve to engage your audience on a much more meaningful level. All it takes is one listener to tune in and realize that you’re as excited about this latest industry happening as they are to create a bond and capture a loyal listener.

Never underestimate the power of relatability when it comes to guests as well. Invite them to share their personal stories around topics that would resonate with your listeners and provide insights, solutions or (even better) inspiration.

This level of personal visibility is one of the most successful strategies when it comes to authentically engaging an audience.

Humanize Your Content

Authenticity thrives most in an unscripted, organic environment. Allowing for this organic experience in your own dialogue and the dialogue you share with your guests will only serve to add a genuine undertone to whatever topic you choose to discuss.

One of the most important places to keep this in mind is throughout the editing process. Overproduction and excessive editing are ultimately the complete antithesis of what you’re aiming for with authenticity. The more organic the conversation, the more your audience will genuinely feel like they’re a part of it. And this is what will keep them coming back for more.

And finally, using inclusive (and even emotional) language with your listeners is another surefire way to make them feel engaged and valued. Acknowledging their presence and validating the importance of their participation will foster a sense of community and support your goal for authentic engagement. Amusement, excitement, curiosity and disappointment are all encouraged and welcomed emotions in just about any authentic conversation and your podcast should be no different. Always remember to talk with them and not at them. Evoking emotional content will help sustain a genuine undertone for you and your platform.